All Jet wanted was a Gift, certainly not the responsibility that would come with it—the prophesied powers that would hurl him against Hell’s invasion. In a world where everyone is given special powers by their LORD, there was one among them that wasn’t: Jet Burner. Believed to be shunned by their God, he certainly wouldn’t have banked on anything worthwhile from his life. He was sadly mistaken. For it was his destiny to discover this Gift that would save the world he knows, but once his true nature and his planet’s hidden past are revealed, so too are instincts better left buried. Now Jet must restrain his new-found blood-lust and walk the path towards the Apocalypse.

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What readers have to say!

 5.0 out of 5 stars
"Awesome story!" By K. Cooper
  "Such an awesome storyline!!! It has unique characters and extremely detailed fighting scenes. It's so descriptive, it's like I'm watching a movie!  Keep it coming Josh, you're a Gifted writer (pun intended).”
5.0 out of 5 stars
"Great teaser!" By Denise Galauski
"This story gets 5 stars from me. Lots of action, many colorful characters, and romance too. While I enjoyed the read, and looking forward to more, I am also hoping that one day it comes to the big screen."

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